Partnering for
Ship Repairs


JMS Group is a renowned provider of ship repair and maintenance services, catering to customers worldwide.
Our collaboration with Ozata Shipyard, a specialized facility, allows us to offer top-notch ship repair solutions.

JMS – OZATA collaboration

Our Path

JMS Group proudly collaborates with Ozata Shipyard, a renowned
specialist in ship repair services, dedicated to serving customers globally.
Leveraging our extensive experience and state-of-the-art shipyard
facilities, we possess the expertise to handle repairs for various types of
vessels. At JMS Group, we are committed to delivering high-quality
solutions, ensuring that all your ship repair needs are met with precision
and excellence. With our authorization to act on behalf of the
shipyard, we offer a comprehensive range of commercial services in
Greece, Italy, and Singapore. From expert repairs to efficient
maintenance work, our dedicated team ensures top-notch solutions
for your maritime needs.


We service both the marine and industrial industries with an extensive
range of spare parts, machinery and equipment.

  • Riding Squads, Afloat Repairs
  • Engine Repairs & Component Reconditioning
  • Fuel Pump, Injector & Governor Services
  • Insitu Machining and Laser Alignment
  • Pump & Auxiliary Equipment Repairs
  • Steel & Aluminum Fabrication and Construction
  • Deck Machinery, Hydraulic & HVAC Services
  • Transmission & Propulsion Systems
  • Turbocharger Repairs
  • Boiler Inspection, Survey & Condition Assessment
  • Industrial Plant Maintenance
  • Automation, Instrumentation & Calibration Services
  • Motor Rewinding & Vibration Analysis
  • Gas Free & Fire Free Certification
  • Accommodation Refurbishment
  • Cargo Tank Cleaning Demucking
  • Cargo Hold Cleaning & Painting
  • Servicing & Certification of LSA & FFE & CO2 Systems
  • Load Testing of Cargo Gear and LSA
  • Thickness Measurement(UTM) and NDT Tests
  • Servicing for Marine Electronics, Bridge Equipment, and Radio Survey
  • Magnetic Compass Calibration
  • In water Survey(IWS) and any kind of underwater repairs by
    Class Approved Diving Companies


JMS is an ISO 9001:2015 certified OEM spare parts supplier. Our certifications are the differentiator in
helping customers understand the commitment to safety and standards, we rigidly promise and practise. We are known
for our regulatory compliance and staying up to date with the industry, achieving certifications from reputed
third-party bodies to vouch for our standards.